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[Writer Post] Gloomy with Patchy, Intermittent Doom

Posted by reudaly on March 15, 2017 in Life, Writing |

Today’s a weird day… it’s actually been an unsettled week. I’ve been questioning a few things and now a bunch of random…stuff… I’m questioning whether or not I should continue posting the writing exercise stories. I’m afraid they’re not doing anything productive publicly. They’re still a good exercise. I’m going to still do them (I […]

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[Personal] A rare speaking out post

Posted by reudaly on January 29, 2017 in Life |

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke I don’t talk much about politics or religion in public in general. However, things change. In the past I’ve let some labels apply to me. No longer, especially in charged time where the Bat Crap Crazy […]

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[Writer Blog] Wednesday Muddle

Posted by reudaly on January 18, 2017 in Life, Writing |

Wow. It’s Wednesday. It’s January. And I’m trying to shoe-horn everything (it feels like) before February. Busy-ness consumes all – which in a way is good because… Job Security – but there has to be a balance. We had a friend stay with us for a week, which was awesome but also throws everything off […]

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[Writer Post] Organized Forward Progress

Posted by reudaly on December 7, 2016 in Life, Writing |

Oh, look, it’s December. ‘Tis the season for Day Job Training. I’m going to be at my desk for a sum total of about 16 – 18 of my 40 hours this week. Not to mention all last week when I was in Maryland. Most of what I’m doing this week has no direct correlation […]

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[Pen/Pencil Review] Oopsie

Posted by reudaly on December 5, 2016 in Life, writing instruments |

Yeah. There was ground. There was running. There is no blog. There’s a bit of a new normal at work. One in which I’m a busy little beaver. I’m going to be at my desk for a sum total of 2 days (this morning, tomorrow afternoon, and Thursday). So… I have to figure out scheduling […]

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[Writer Post] Nerd Year’s Eve & Panel Questions

Posted by reudaly on November 23, 2016 in Conventions, Life, Writing |

Happy Thanksgiving! (Well, Thanksgiving EVE). It’s going to be a weirdly low-key yet frantic holiday for me. Welcome to my world. Low-Key in that there’s only five of us doing Thanksgiving this year – so I made RESERVATIONS. Frantic because I’m going to a week-long Day Job Training in Maryland on SUNDAY. Jimmy will be […]

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[Writer Post] Moving Forward

Posted by reudaly on November 9, 2016 in Life, Writing |

I’ve tried to write this blog a couple of different times today. Neither one worked. I could write about the elections, but I won’t. I could write about the vitriol, the fear, and the anguish on my social media feeds, but I won’t. That would just be adding to the noise. Instead… lets talk about […]

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[Writer Post] Taking a Trip to Oz

Posted by reudaly on November 2, 2016 in Life, Writing |

Maybe the Wizard can give me a brain. I admit to being completely disjointed and unfocused for the last couple of weeks. My concentration has been crap. Creative output? A complete farce. I mention this because it’s NANOMO – or NANOWRIMO – whichever. It’s National Novel Writing Month, and I laugh in its general direction. […]

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[Writing Post] Story Sale and Even Keels

Posted by reudaly on October 12, 2016 in Life, Writing |

What a difference a week or two makes. We’re in the second full week of October, and I can finally say I feel like all the weight and stress of the past few months is lifting. And if not completely lifting, at least shifting back to normal stuff. I SOLD A STORY! And not just […]

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[Pen/Pencil Review][Conventions][Writing] COMBO POST!!!!!

Posted by reudaly on September 20, 2016 in Conventions, Life, Review, Writing, writing instruments |

YAY! COMBO POST! Pens, writing, and conventions because it’s just that week. Heck, it’s just that month. September is my most busy and stressful month of the year – and this week is the biggest week in the month. Day Job has a big event. FenCon starts (for staff) technically Wednesday. Parents 50th Anniversary is […]

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