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[Writer Post] Changing the Narrative Pt 4 – Your Turn

Posted by reudaly on March 23, 2016 in Conventions, Writing |

Changing the Narrative continues – installment of Changing the Narrative is going to be INTERACTIVE. Hah! I’m going to make you do some work. When you have a flash of insight – or something – it needs to be pursued, right? Then I need to get back to stories. I have A LOOMING DEADLINE. Bwa […]

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[Conventions] My ApolloCon 2015 Schedule

Posted by reudaly on June 11, 2015 in Conventions |

Here’s my ApolloCon Schedule for next weekend. **Note: I have an autographing in here somewhere – but not sure where yet. It will be posted online and in the Dealer’s Room. I’ll add it when I get it. Friday – June 19 Free-Range Rhonda. Nothing specifically scheduled. Saturday – June 20 9 am – 12 […]

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[Writer Post] Professionalism Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Posted by reudaly on December 3, 2014 in Conventions, Writing |

Once more into the breach of Professionalism, really, folks, it’s not just for breakfast anymore. This was a new thing to me and was just… RUDE. I did a very, very small show this past weekend in East Texas. The upshot was I did meet some new folks and was able to spend a little […]

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[Spotlight Post] Aaron Allston – Goodbye My Friend

Posted by reudaly on February 28, 2014 in Conventions, Life, Spotlight |

I was struggling with what today’s spotlight post was going to be about, and if maybe it was time to find something new to do with Friday’s. I started scrolling through Facebook and saw random pictures with Aaron Allston in them, but didn’t make the connection until I got an IM from Jimmy: Did you […]

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[Writer Post] Defining”Pro”, Wheaton’s Law, and Lisa Morton

Posted by reudaly on August 7, 2013 in Writing |

So there wasn’t much response to the Writer 101 series – so that’s something I’ll hold off on. But as I seem to get responses from some of my recent rants – here we go. It helps that it is related to writing – and it’s a point in favor “Wheaton’s Law”. On Monday I […]

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[Writer Post] When Publishers and Retailers Fight

Posted by reudaly on March 27, 2013 in Books, Writing |

Today’s blog… let’s see what do we want to talk about today… Early in the week there was a minor kerfuffle between Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble. And as with all issues where Mom and Dad fight – the kids get caught in the middle, which in this case would be the authors. […]

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[Writer Post] The Perfect Storm of Circumstance

Posted by reudaly on July 25, 2012 in Writing |

Well, huh. I almost totally forgot to do a writing blog this week. Bad Rhonda. It’s been a “perfect storm” of things this week. There’s helping out my niece with her wisdom teeth-ectomy. She’s doing great so far. And I’m prepping for ArmadilloCon, which I’m really looking forward to. Really, really looking forward to ArmadilloCon […]

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[Writer Post] The Wednesday Post that Almost Wasn’t

Posted by reudaly on June 13, 2012 in Writing |

Holy Cow, it’s Wednesday. I totally forgot about my blog post. I’m so sorry, y’all. I wish I had a good reason/excuse, but I don’t. It’s a brain burp. That and convention time. We’re getting ready to head out to SoonerCon this weekend with ApolloCon next weekend, so my wee brain is running around in […]

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[Writer Post] Ding Dong the Day Job’s Done

Posted by reudaly on May 23, 2012 in Life, Writing |

Last week I talked about Gelatin Brain. I’m happy to say that mine is starting to de-congeal (it’s a word now). While Jimmy was hobnobbing with the artistically famous and talented, I finally managed to get some work done on the novel. And though progress stumbled a little bit with the work-week, I did manage […]

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[Writer Post] Be Our Guest

Posted by reudaly on January 11, 2012 in Conventions, Writing |

Split Professional Personalities, gotta love them – though they can be tough to balance. In this, I’m not talking about Writer Pro vs. Day Job Pro. There’s tons of advice on balancing that…and life. This is the Fandom Balancing act. I am both a Writer Guest/Panelist/Participant and a Convention Organizer. I’m on staff of FenCon […]

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